Vitamin C

Preventing canker sores with ascorbic acid

Vitamin C  is an essential nutrient required for the formation of bone and connective tissue. Also a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is beneficial to our bodies in numerous other ways too, including helping burns and wounds, such as canker sores, heal. It also helps the body form collagen, which is the glue-like protein that holds cells together.

Humans are one of the few animals incapable of synthesizing Vitamin C, so it must be obtained from food or supplements.

For most of us, there’s little danger these days of developing a disease such as scurvy from lack of vitamin C, since only small quantities are needed to maintain a modicum of health, which can easily be obtained through regular consumption of fruits and vegetables. But larger doses of it have been shown to help with a wide variety of disorders, from cancer to strokes.

The most common form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid, but since acidity should be avoided by canker sore sufferers, there are some forms of vitamin C that may be better choices:

Citrus fruits are good sources for vitamin C, but again, because of acidity, these should be eaten in moderation, at least until your canker sores are under control.

There are lots of other food sources of vitamin C. Red peppers, parsley and broccoli all have higher vitamin C concentrations than most fruit, including oranges and limes.

For a list of fruits and vegetables and their vitamin c content, go to this page on Wikipedia.

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