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A Canker Sore Cure The Connection Between Stress and Mouth Sores

Calm Canker Sores with Stress Relief

Is Stress Causing Your Mouth Sores?

Stress is another factor frequently cited as a trigger mechanism for canker sores. What we don’t know is whether the sores are a direct result of the stress, or from a pathogen taking advantage or our compromised immune systems.

We often think of stress as an emotional strain or tension, but stress comes in other forms too: physical stress (such as exercise – or lack thereof, poor diet, inadequate sleep, menstruation, etc.) and mental stress (school work, problem solving, etc.).

There’s good stress and bad stress and both are part of everybody’s life.  But too much of either kind is a bad thing.

yoga pose

Yoga helps alleviate stress

When stress is excessive, our ability to fight foreign invaders or adapt to internal changes becomes impaired.

Which came first, the sore or the bacteria?

The fact that certain canker sore treatments with antimicrobial properties, such as aphthasol and phylorinol, lessen the healing time for canker sores indicates that part of the equation involves some sort of bacteria.

Whether this bacteria is causative is unknown. These products may just prevent secondary infection, thereby helping the sores to heal faster.

In either case, a healthy immune system will help ward off these invaders. One way to do this is to reduce unwanted or excessive stress.

How do you minimize stress? We can’t completely control external influences, but there are a lot of things we can do.

Regular exercise

Even though exercise itself is a form of stress, it is necessary and helpful in enhancing health.

People who exercise regularly often report a sense of well being. It clears the mind, improves the mood, and strengthens the body. It is a vital component in fighting canker sores and other diseases.

Exercise doesn’t have to be muscle burning and sweat inducing to be effective. Simply walking for 30 minutes or so each day is adequate. In fact, too much exercise might be just as bad as not enough.

Healthy diet

The things we put in our mouths have a direct effect on our health. Mom always said eat your vegetables, but a well-balanced diet consists of more than just veggies.

An optimal diet consists of adequate amounts of lean protein, good fats and low-glycemic index carbohydrates.

The best way to get these is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and legumes, and a variety of grains, nuts and seeds. Your body will love you and your mouth sores will run for cover.

Because most of us don’t eat properly and because of the additives in our food supply, it’s often prudent to supplement our diets with vitamins to help in the fight against canker sores.

Eating nutritious food is just one of many natural home remedies for canker sores.


Drinking lots of clean water is crucial for a healthy immune system. Water is the elixir of life. It helps to detoxify the liver and kidneys, aid digestion and elimination, lubricate joints, regulate temperature…the list goes on and on.

The fact that our brains consist of 74% water shows how important it is.

There are myriad ailments associated with a lack of water.

Flush those canker sores away by drinking a lot of water every day.

Plenty of sleep

It almost goes without saying, but without adequate sleep your body can’t recover properly from daily stresses. Much of the body’s healing work occurs while we sleep.

Lack of sleep is extremely prevalent in our society and a major source of stress.

Say good night to canker sores by always getting 8 hours or more of restorative sleep.


In our over-stimulated world, sleep and relaxation tend to get squeezed out as we try to do more things with less time.

Reading a book, taking a bath, meditating, yoga, fishing or just sitting and doing nothing are all good ways to relax.

Like sleep, relaxation has an important role in revitalizing our immune systems. It clears the mind and reduces stress, which is always good for your body.

Let your canker sores float away with regular relaxation.

What is the primary cause of canker sores?