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A Canker Sore Cure Banish Your Canker Sores by Smoking Cigarettes

Is Tobacco Good for You After All?

Smoke Your Canker Sores Away

Apparently, smokers get fewer canker sores.*

For some people (read: smokers) this will be a breath of fresh air (so to speak). Where else can you read about the BENEFITS of smoking?

With all the negative press we’ve been bombarded with over the years regarding smoking – you know, the cancer thing, second-hand smoke, wrinkles, the social stigma, being banned in restaurants and other businesses, emphysema, the awful smell, etc., you might think that there’s nothing good to say about it.

Well, now there is!

Apparently, people who quit smoking and then get canker sores can get rid of them by simply restarting their smoking habits again. No point in suffering needlessly. Cigarettes to the rescue!

It would seem that whatever it is that causes canker sores doesn’t like smoke either. This might lend support to the idea of a bacterial component to mouth sores – maybe the hot smoke kills it. Or maybe it’s an immune system response to any of the thousands of chemicals present in the smoke. Who knows.

Regardless of how it happens, if you get canker sores and don’t want to bother with the home remedies and cure mentioned on this site, just start smoking.

And if you’re already smoking and still getting canker sores, try smoking more.

After all, which is worse, those nasty little sores in your mouth that might last for a week or more at a time and take a little effort to get rid of, or sucking burning-hot poison-filled smoke into your mouth and lungs hundreds of times a day until you die an early death from some incurable disease?

Hmm…now THERE’S a toughie.

Now, when you’re at a party or other social gathering and someone irks you with some unwelcome negative comment about your cigarette smoke, you can confidently retort with your newfound knowledge: “Smoking gets rid of canker sores…” And then puff away triumphantly.

Uncover some safer natural home remedies for mouth ulcers.


* Relief of Canker Sores on Resumption of Cigarette Smoking (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1578433/?page=1)