Battling Mouth Sores with Bacteria

Acidophilus is a general term for a group of beneficial bacteria, called probiotics (which means “for life”) that live in our digestive tracts and is often recommended as an important addition to a healthy diet and another way to reduce the frequency and severity of canker sores.

Many illnesses and maladies can be attributed to the stuff we put into our mouths; food and the other stuff masquerading as food – soda pop, chips, candy, booze and countless other junk.

Like it or not, this onslaught of fake food has an effect on our gastrointestinal tracts and our health, oftentimes changing the balance of intestinal bacteria from good ( Lactobacillus acidophilus ) to bad ( candida albicans, listeria monocytogenes, et al .), and negatively affecting our health.

One way to tilt the balance in our favor is to replenish the good bacteria with live yogurt or acidophilus supplements.

Probiotics enhance absorption of vitamins and minerals, help digestion, and stimulate the production of immune system boosters such as immunoglobulin antibodies (IgA).

Consumed regularly, these good bacteria are also believed to crowd out the bad bacteria, thereby reducing their toxic influence.

Some people get canker sore relief from swishing the live yogurt around in their mouths for a few minutes before swallowing it, to expose the open sore to the yogurt’s beneficial bacteria.

Although there are no scientific studies supporting the use of acidophilus strains to treat or minimize canker sores (that we know of), some theories suggest an immune system component to canker sore formation, so it stands to reason that boosting your immune system should have a positive effect.

Of course, for the greatest impact, this should be accompanied by a healthy diet, which is low in sugar and other nasties that tend to promote the proliferation of the bad bacteria.

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